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World Class Artists On A Mission

A perfect storm led to the creation of a beautiful partnership.


Andriy Kyryllov is a Ukrainian Director. His short film, Be Back reached international critical acclaim, including an official selection to the Cannes Short Film Corner, ultimately leading to his rise in the United States. His first video in America, New York, gained Vimeo's coveted Staff Pick as well as awards from DJI and National Geographic. 

Michael Cantalupo is an American Artist and Ceremonialist. Michael's interviews that have been seen by over 300M people on outlets including NBC, ABC, NESN, NatGeo, E!, and leading digital brands. His approach to interviewing is personality driven, with a sole focus on capturing his interviewees most honest self-expression. Michael graduated from Emerson College with honors. 

We at NewMemory and our consultancy, Enlightening the Multitude, pride ourselves in our quest for meaning, and look forward to having you as a client. 

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